An interactive installation of four peep-hole boxes containing scenes designed to evoke childhood memories.

“The idea is for people to engage with the installation. So often fine art is closed off and visitors are not allowed to touch it. I am keen for people to engage with artwork and not be afraid to get hands-on. The different scenes are viewed through a peephole, evoking recollections, and discussions, around childhood memories”.

Are we there yet?
Gives a child’s eye view from the back seat of Dad’s car on a long journey.

What would you like?
Features an ice cream van, as seen from a child’s perspective.

Be careful
View from the top of the playground slide from everyone’s past.

Race you to the sea
It could be anyone’s first glimpse of the sea.

The Memories installation was exhibited at the University of Northampton in September. Further dates and venues to be announced.